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The Friedrich Climate Master 700 series were 36″ x 16″ PTAC units designed for a variety of commercial and residential applications. Climate Master PTAC units were originally available with cooling capacities of 6000 to 15000 BTU’s. For heat, units could have electric strip, heat pump, or hydronic heat.

The replacement unit we offer is manufactured by Applied Comfort Products. The replacement units are available in 9000, 12000, and 15000 BTU cooling, with 2.5, 3.4, and 5 KW electric strip heat. Heat pumps and hydronic options are also available. The units also feature electronic touchpad controls (electro-mechanical controls are available as well), R410A, dual motors, and washable aluminum mesh filters.

The Climate Master 700 Series Lineup

702 Model – Cooling with electric strip heat or hydronic heating
703 Model – Standard range heat pump
704 Model – Extendend range heat pump configuration


If you are looking for an efficient, reliable replacement for your Friedrich Climate Master 700 Series, we have the unit for you. Call or email us today with your Climate Master model, and we can get you the correct replacement.

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Climate Master 702-703-704 Documents

702-703-704 Model Number Breakdown

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