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Slant Fin JK Replacement PTAC

The Slant Fin JK PTAC were used in hotels, motels, nursing homes, schools, and commercial buildings in the US and Canada. The JK was originally available in 7500, 9000, 12000, and 15000 BTU cooling, with a choice of electric, hot water, or steam heat.

Recognizing that there were few viable alternatives to replacing the Slant Fin JK units, Applied Comfort has redesigned the unit from the ground up and now offers their own version, the JKD. Currently the JKD units are available in 12000 and 15000 BTU, 208/230V, with electric heat only. Other heating/cooling configurations may be available in the future. Features of the new JKD include:

Standard mechanical controls (remote wall stat version also available)
Exact fit slide in chassis
Acoustic noise canceling materials
Washable filter
Premium quality components

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