Zoneline with Makeup Air

Designed to fit the standard 42" x 16" wall sleeve where makeup air is required. The makeup air PTAC is built on the reliable Zoneline design, with the addition of a dehumidification system. The main unit provdes cooling and heating just like any other Zoneline PTAC. The makeup air module provides conditioned air at 35CFM and provides dehumidification of unconditioned air when outdoor humidty rises above 55% relative humidity.

Standard Industry Dimensions

The Zoneline makeup air PTAC will fit the industry standard 42" x 16 " sleeve dimensions for replacement or new construction. For example, it can be used as a direct replacement for the Islandaire DR. PTAC unit.

Additional Features

  • Makeup air module delivers  35 CFM of conditioned makeup air.
  • Dehumification of air when outdoor humidity level rises above 55% relative humidity.
  • Efficiency in compliance with ASHRAE requirements for PTAC units.

DR. PTAC Replacement

Many hotel properties have mandated makeup air PTAC units. Until recently, the Islandaire DR PTAC was the only unit available. Unfortunately, the DOE has recently forced Islandaire to take several models of the DR. PTAC off the market due to failure to comply with energy conservation standards. Documentation of the noncompliance determinations are on the DOE website.

The GE Zoneline Makeup Air PTAC will directly replace the DR PTAC and provide the required makeup air performance needed. If you have DR PTAC units needing to be replaced, give us a call or use the convenient form below to get more info.

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