GE Zoneline Vertical PTAC AZ85

There are times when a conventional PTAC just won't work for a particular application. It could be furniture placement, lack of space beneath a window, sound levels, appearance, etc. The new GE Zoneline Vertical PTAC addresses these and other issues. The GE Zoneline Vertical has a 24" x 24" footprint, and is installed in a closet like corner enclosure. It is still a through-the-wall unit, but does not get installed in the middle of the room, and is not visible to guests.

The GE Zoneline Vertical PTAC can be ducted into multiple rooms, such as a multi room hotel suite or apartment, and is controlled by a wall thermostat similar to those found in most home sytems. This provides more precise temperature control. All in all, the GE Zoneline Vertical has the cost benefits of a PTAC, with the aesthetics, quieter operation, and flexibility of a central system.

GE Zoneline Vertical units are available in 9500, 11700, or 17500 BTU cooling capacity, with either resistance heat or heat pump with resistance heat backup. Available voltages are 208/230 or 265 (277). The universal heater can be configured to provide 2.55, 3.45, or 5.0 KW heat, depending on the cord kit. Other features of the GE Vertical PTAC are:

  • Three way slide out chassis for easy service
  • Electronic temperature limiting
  • Freeze Sentinel
  • Standard size air filter
  • Constant ON fan
  • Central Desk Control compatibility
  • Occupancy sensor interface
  • Corrosion protection standard

GE Zoneline Vertical Documentation

GE Zoneline Vertical Brochure
GE Zoneline Vertical Installation Manual
GE Zoneline Vertical Design Manual

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