Islandaire PTAC Parts

Having trouble finding or purchasing Islandaire PTAC parts? Let us help. We have many sources for replacement parts for Islandaire PTAC units, including OEM. We can help keep your Islandaire PTAC units operating by providing top quality service parts.

Islandaire has ben in business since 1992, and has thousands of PTAC units in operation all across the US and Canada. We can ship parts anywhere in North America.

We can help you with the followig Islandaire PTAC parts:

Sheet metal
Blower wheels
Fan blades
… many other Islandaire parts

When requesting parts for Islandaire PTAC units, we will need your model and serial number, as well as what parts you may need. Please us our form to request parts, or call us at 800-866-1210 with your model and serial number and we’ll be happy to help you.

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