McQuay Type K PTAC

McQuay Type K PTAC


  • 13 11/16 x 36 1/4 wall sleeve dimensions (Type K)
  • 15 7/8 x 46 1/4 wall slleve dimensions (Type KG)
  • Electric resistance heat (2.4-6.6 KW) or hydronic heat (steam or hot water)
  • Cooling capacities from 6800 to 20,000 BTU
  • Three voltages, 208, 230, or 265
  • EERs up to 9.6
  • Designed for 25+ year product life


The McQuay Type K was first introduced in 1958 under the Remington name. Other brand names include Singer and Climate Control. It was the first self contained, through the wall HVAC system. It has provided zoned comfort for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, apartments, offices, and hotels for over 50 years.

The McQuay Type K Incremental is made up of three functional compnents, the cooling chassis, heat section, and controls. The cooling chassis features reliable and efficient rotary compressors, PSC condenser motor, centrifugal fan, and advanced coil design with internally rifled copper tubes. The heat section is available in three configurations: steam, hot water, or electric resistance heat. The heat section includes high efficiency PSC motors, forward curved fans, and heavy guage sheet metal. The final component is the control box. It is available in unit mounted controls, remote thermostat control, and multiple unit control (master/slave). A fan cycle swich is provided to switch between constant fan or cycle with the thermostat.

The McQuay Type K Incremental continues to set the industry standard for quality. Carefully selected components, heavy duty construction, and the highest manufacturing standards assure a quality product. Engineered for 25 years of service, the McQuay Type K PTAC unit is one of the most durable units of it's type on the market. It is not uncommon to find Type K units still in service after 30+ years.  When it's time to replace, get the Original! Call Air Distributors Company today at 1-800-866-1210, or use our contact form for more information.

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