McQuay Enfinity Horizontal Water Source Heat PumpMcQuay Water Source Heat Pumps

In 2009 we added McQuay Water Source Heat Pump units to our product line. We handle Horizontal, Vertical, and Console units up to 72000 BTU. Over 40 years ago McQuay introduced a complete line of water source heat pumps. WSHP units are used in schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, and many other applications. Today McQuay incorporates the best of the past and new innovations to produce the most advanced water source heat pumps available.

McQuay Enfinity Water Source Heat Pumps

Enfinity WSHP units are available in horizontal and vertical configurations. Horizontal units are designed to be ceiling hung, while vertical units are installed in a closet or mechanical room. Both types are available in standard range (55F to 110F) or extended range/geothermal (25F to 110F) models. McQuay Water source units are designed for ease of installation. Cabinets are compact and low profile, and work equally well as replacements or new construction. Interchangeable panels on the horizontal models allow airflow to be field modified. Water fittings are flush with the cabinet to minimize potential for shipping damage. McQuay water source heat pumps control options can either be standalone (Mark IV or Microtech III Standalone) or network operation.

McQuay Enfinity WSHP Features

  • High efficiency coaxial heat exchanger
  • Large blower and efficient PSC motor
  • Vibration isolated compressor
  • Heavy duty  insulated steel cabinet
  • Access panel for compressor and controls
  • Schrader service valves installed
  • Integrated controls for standalone or network operation


McQuay Console Water Source Heat Pumps

Console WSHP units are designed to be wall mounted at floor level. The Antique Ivory cabinets are shallow to minimize the overall footprint of the units. Console units are available in slope top or flat top models, either high or low sill versions.

McQuay Console WSHP Features

  • Unit mounted t-stat
  • Random start and anti-short cycle protection
  • Mark IV or Microtech DDC controls
  • Rotary compressor
  • Touch-tap switches
  • Slide-out chassis
  • Continuous or fan cycle operation
  • Optional boilerless system electric heat

McQuay Water Source Heat Pump Documents

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