Remington PTAC Parts and Replacments

Remington PTAC UnitThe Remington PTAC/PTHPunit was designed to be low price entry into the competitive 42 x 16 package terminal market. It was only around for a few years, but thousands of units were sold all over the country. Since the unit has been discontinued, customers have complained about where to buy parts.

Remington PTAC units were available in 7000, 9000, 12000, and 15000 BTU models, with electric resistance heat or heat pump function. Two voltages were available, either 208/230V, or 265V. There is a code in the model number which indicates the vintage of the unit. The vintage will determine which parts list is used to identify parts. The model nomenclatures listed below can help you determine the correct vintage of you Remington PTAC, and in turn get the correct Remington parts.

Remington Vintage B, B+ Nomenclature
Remington PTAC Vintage B, B+ Nomenclature

Reminton PTAC Nomenclature Vintage C
Remington PTAC Vintage C Nomenclature

Remington PTAC and PTHP Parts Lists

Once you determine the correct vintage of your Remington PTAC units, you can use the replacement parts lists below to identify the parts you need. If you're not comfortable with identifying the parts yourseld, use the form below and send us the complete model number and serial number. We will ID and price the parts for you.*

*Note, many parts have been discontinued, and others are being phased out as they are sold out.

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Remington PTAC and PTHP Replacement Units

The Remington PTAC and PTHP units were discontinued several years ago. If you decide to replace your existing Remington unit, we can recommend a suitable replacement. Use the form below and give us the complete model number, and we will reply with our recommendations for replacement.

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