Zoneaire PTAC Replacements

Zoneaire was a division of Inter City Products (now International Comfort Products) until 1994, when it was sold off to Friedrich. Zoneaire manufactured three PTAC models in the USA and one in Canada. There were hundreds of thousands of these units sold under several brand names. Applied Comfort in Canada aquired the rights to the “C” and “S” lines.

Zoneaire CSM/CHP

This unit was sold under several brand names in the US and Canada, including Climette, Keeprite DM, Carrier Wallmate, Whirlpool AVT, and McQuay TPW. Unit dimensions are 32″ wide and 18″ high. There were two sleeve depths available, 14.25″ and 16.25″ (most common). The Zoneaire “C” Series was made primarily in 208/230 and 265/277 voltages, although there were a few 115V units built for cooling oly or hot water/steam heat applications. Cooling BTU’s ranged from 9-15000 and electric strip heat in 15, 20, or 30 amps.

The current version of the unit is the Applied Comfort DMQC unit. It features dual motors, standard or electronic controls, and a redisigned sloped from.

Applied Comfort SC PTAC

Zoneaire SC/RM/SEA/SHA

The Zoneaire “S” series was made primarily for the USA market. It was also sold under several brand names including CooolHeat, Embassy Weather Twin, Sears Kenmore, TPI, as well az Zoneaire. The Zoneaire “S” series was available in 208/230V, 265/277V, and 115V. The 115V units were for hot water/steam heat applications. Zoneaire built the unit in cooling only, cooling with electric strip heat, and heat pump version with cooling capacities from 9000-15000 BTU and 15, 20 or 30 amp heat.

The current version of the unit is the Applied Comfort SCE unit. We currently stock this unit in several popular configurations.

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